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Kristina Vella’s coaching philosophy is based on a 360° approach. This means looking at the individual as a system and combining factors that contribute to the person’s overall performance, health and satisfaction.

In an effort to support clients make breakthroughs, Kristina has created a method that is both belief- and behavior-based. It addresses the skill set as well as the mindset, approaching the obstacles from “inside out” which entails emotional release work, and combining it with practical strategies that are aligned with clients’ value system.

Each individual has different aspirations and faces different challenges. Some clients require more structure, some seek more guidance, and some simply need more accountability. A key focus of Kristina’s work is to adapt her approach for each individual.


Kristina has coached clients through work and life challenges, and has helped them live a happier and more meaningful life, both personally and professionally. Clients hail from various walks of life – entrepreneurs, corporate employees, creative professionals.


An accomplished career woman herself, Kristina runs B.E.S.T. Language school in Braunschweig (Germany), and has conducted Seminars and workshops on the subject of communication, presentations and negotiations among others.

She also works as a Business English Trainer for several corporate clients in upper and middle management.

Having lived in the Mediterranean, studied in England and built up her business in Germany, she uses her intercultural experience and knowledge of languages extensively in everything she does. Her broad life and professional experience enables her to be cognizant of various challenges her clients are facing and be able to address them effectively.

She presently lives in Germany after having spent 2 years in China working on projects there with the expat community.

Education and Training

Kristina is a certified coach in Germany. Her expertise in coaching was developed by combining her background in communication with the study of various coaching modalities, including Context exploration and systemic work.

As a Business Coach for Professionals, her focus is on the individual’s development and behavioral aspects within the company he/she works for. As a career consultant, she offers leadership training, self confidence coaching, so-called “burn-out” prevention (stress management), and other subjects which contribute to a balanced and satisfied life and career.


Already at an early age Kristina traveled extensively with her parents for cultural and missionary exchanges. She has lived and worked in Malta, Italy, Germany and China. Education and life-long learning has always been a driving force for her.

Kristina has studied with many eminent teachers. Among them are: Ingo Steinke, founder of Coatrain in Hamburg and Nikolai Hanf-Dressler, founder and pioneer of Hypnos, in Berlin.


The coaching practice is located conveniently off the A2 in an idyllic neighborhood. It’s an easy trip on the 413 bus and is in proximity to the airport of Braunschweig and the Querumer Forst. Coaching sessions can be conducted in person, via Internet, or phone from anywhere in the world. Kristina truly cares about her clients’ success and always provides extra support and follow-up.

Kristina is originally from Malta and provides coaching both in English and German.


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