What is coaching?

Coaching can be compared to motorway maintenance and construction – it fills and removes the ruts of life to build a smooth surface.

With coaching, life’s journey takes the traveler to the destinations they really want to visit, rather than remain in the slow lane of inactivity, drifting without purpose or direction.

Most people, if asked, ” Is there something you’ve been thinking about doing or changing but have yet to start or complete?” will answer, “yes.” Then they will tell you exactly what it is and how long they have wanted to do it. They may even give you all the reasons why they have not done it. A coach closes the gap between thinking about doing and actually doing it.

Life coaching helps clients in every aspect of their lives, it is holistic and considers business, career, health, social relationships, wealth and worth in contribution.

So, how do I go about it?

The client is a unique individual and interacts in a unique and complex system. The client’s issues define my methodology.

It is important to me to meet the coachee where he/she is at and learn his/her “language” first. Using a wide variety of tools, my experience and my intuition, I then guide the client to the destination most beneficial.

My ultimate goal within the coaching process is to help the coachee become aware of and sensitive to where he/she is in the process, especially if it is not what they originally wanted to achieve when fixing the goal.

My clients appreciate that I am flexible and versatile as well as structured and goal-oriented.

Spending time in between sessions on self-reflection and regularly interacting in supervision sessions with other coaches helps me evaluate my own success and progress.

What you can expect from me

Having lived in a variety of countries gives me the skills to be highly adaptable and flexible. I treat each assignment with confidentiality, working with an attitude of wanting to serve the client the best possible parameters, even if this means recommending another coach or program to my client.

My aim is to build long-term business relationships which means you can expect my sincerity and loyalty.




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